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Nothing compares to a natural fiber. Our towels are made of 100% natural mulberry silk , directly from nature to your home.

Silk is composed of sericin and fibroin , natural proteins that are naturally present in silk, as well as 18 amino acids , waxes, sugars, oils, and natural conditioners. This gives silk highly beneficial properties for the skin and hair that are not found in any other fiber, and that become visible from the first uses.


Silk is an excellent moisture regulator, thanks to its porous nature that allows water molecules to disperse easily, thus keeping water inside your hair. This prevents water from being lost from your hair, resulting in hair that is less dry and more hydrated, more nourished and with much more shine. It simply makes your hair healthier and stronger.

In addition, this moisture regulation makes silk a fabric that dries faster than any other, and repels fungus, mold and mites.

By using our towels on the skin of the face we achieve natural hydration, improvement of elasticity and a powerful anti-wrinkle effect : the proteins it contains promote the acceleration of cellular metabolism.


Forget about frizz, breakage and split ends.

Thanks to the oils, waxes and inorganic substances present in silk, you will ensure that the natural oils of your hair can be distributed throughout your hair evenly and naturally, keeping it much healthier. Your damaged, dry or punished hair will notice the difference.
Silk is known as the second skin of the human body because it regulates temperature and perspiration.
Natural silk deeply cleanses, eliminates toxins and gently exfoliates : daily use of our towel stimulates the skin and promotes circulation, providing luminosity and a healthy appearance to the face. By using our silk towels on the skin of the face, we make the skin directly absorb the 18 amino acids present in natural silk.
So, of course, it's perfect for sensitive and problem skin. It helps to cure eczema, dermatitis, acne and other skin problems since the natural proteins it contains are mixed with the skin's own keratin, forming a protective film. In addition, it is antibacterial, antifungal, and the most hypoallergenic fiber that exists.